Sylvie Performance Leather

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performance leather in 3 colors

Butterscotch, Cocoa, or Carob

First aniline-dyed, then lightly buffed by hand, this transparent technique allows us to see the hides natural characteristics, along with a distressed livable appearance. The innovative KidProof finish provides durable protection with a supple hand. 

 • Natural look with protection. • A KidProof leather with the aesthetics of highly sought-after aniline leathers, with the durability similar to pigmented leathers. • The protective finish is not like a fabric KP finish. It is part of the finishing. • KidProof leathers reduce the fading and color variation found in pure aniline leathers.

Cleaning KidProof Leather • It is important to clean the stain quickly. • The protective coating gives you time to remove the stain, but lingering liquid will soak into the natural fibers the longer they are there. • Always use a clean, soft white cloth to first blot the spill. • If there is stain residue, dampen the cloth with distilled water and blot the stain. • Never rub the stain, as this will push the stain further into the fibers. • Red wine may cause some discoloration over time, but this would happen on pigmented leathers as well. • The rule of thumb is that this will clean and stain like a pigmented leather. • Dry dust with a soft cloth on a regular basis to prevent dirt and dust build-up.

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